Colin Knudtson

Food and Beverage Manager

Phone: 763-732-4160

Colin has worked in the private club industry for over 20 years, and has worked at many clubs such as Medina Country Club, Hazeltine National Golf Club and Lafayette Club. He started down this path at an early age by putting himself through culinary school while working full-time and trying to pursue his dreams of becoming an Executive Chef. While at Hazeltine, he was offered a management opportunity to manage areas such as the memberís dining room and banquet facility, this is where he truly started down the path of hospitality management. From there Colin focused on his passion with wine, beer and everything in between. He tried to soak up everything he could from his mentors and in return, makes it a priority to mentor the people he works with. Colinís hobbies include brewing beer, reading science fiction fantasy books, cars and motorcycles. Colin is happily married to his wife Jan of 11 years, and enjoys spending family time with his two drama filled daughters, Kaelyn and Rylee.